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Getting Ahead

6 August 2010

All right! Day TWO in a row of posting good stuff. I have some old articles I wrote a while back that will be auto-publishing themselves at midnight for the next week, they aren’t really on topic but I had fun reading them so I’m assuming you will too. Today’s topic will be about… hmm… The Slight Edge, a book by Jeff Olson. It’s a fantastic book I’ve been reading and Jeff, if you ever see this, understand I suck at citing sources so I’m just trying to make it super obvious this blog post came about because I read your book(The Slight Edge for those of you just joining us) so please don’t sue me.

SO this book- The Slight Edge- brings up some good points that made me think a lot. The book starts out describing the difference in winnings in say, a golf tournament. First place gets X amount, second place gets half of X, and so on. But the deciding factor in a golf tournament can be as little as one stroke.. one stroke doubled that player’s earnings. He wasn’t twice as good, he was just good enough to get twice the reward. I thought about this idea for a long time, and finally decided that all I have to do to be really successful in life is get the slight edge over everyone else. Now, you probably aren’t starting out too much ahead of your peers, but I think that just by improving yourself a little every day, it will add up to be enough to surpass those above you and leave the rest in your wake. Since I first read this, I’ve stopped making so many long-term goals and made a lot of short term goals that will have effects that last a lifetime. For example, a recent goal of mine is to keep my desk clean. Every morning when I get to work I’m going to spend the first ten minutes getting it absolutely spotless. Just a few days into this and I’ve already noticed changes in my attitude and behavior and my organization has been noticed by everyone else in the office. The immediate gratification and results makes it easy to want to keep it up, so I am.

Just by making little changes in your life will make it easier to change bigger things in the future. You’ve heard of compound interest? Same idea here. The little things are going to multiply and people will notice, and change the way they talk to you or behave around you. If you have the cleanest desk in the office, your coworkers who hate clutter are likely going to notice and appreciate your work. Maybe they will trust you with more work because you seem organized enough to handle it all, who knows? Set little goals every day and then meet them! This edge will go a long way, you just have to keep at it.

My goals for the day? Write a blog post, beat my high score of Bejeweled Blitz, and make a facebook page for this site.

Note to self- Don’t forget to make a facebook page today, do laundry.