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Be Incredible

7 August 2010

Go ahead and make the conscious decision to be incredible. It takes two steps to be incredible, and they are easy. The first step is the hardest- making your conscious decision known. I announced mine on Facebook the other day. “I have decided to be incredible.” Deciding to change yourself in a drastic way(mine’s not so drastic, I was already up to awesome) is something I used to do in my head. I’d think to myself, “yeah, today will be good”. And it usually was. However, I’ve found that when I says something out loud or tell someone else just how awesome I’m going to be today, it tends to get me more fired up than if I kept it to myself. I’m not sure why, exactly, but somehow letting others know what you intend to accomplish during the day makes you more likely to follow through. It can be something as simple as doing the dishes or cleaning your room, or something as complex as stopping an addiction(I gave up candy) or making a big change in your life. Go out and tell someone you have decided to be incredible, and mean it. Even posting it on Facebook will make you that much more likely to fulfill your goal or make that change.

The second step is easy- Listen to yourself. Believe that you are incredible and you will act accordingly. Just have it be something you think about a few times a day or when you weigh a decision. Take actions that you think get you closer to being incredible and avoid those that you feel bring you away from your goals. Project your incredible-ness to those around you through posture, speech, and behavior and they will quickly come to look up to you as someone they want to be. They won’t know why, but they will know so and so is successful

Not sure how to act incredible? Find someone who already is, study them and find out what exactly is appealing to other people and then make it your own. Don’t copy them though- adjust their behaviors to yourself to be sure you are unique. Trying to copy someone else’s success comes off badly, I’ve noticed.. Anyhoo, I’ve talked enough. Be all you can be (incredible) and don’t run with anything pointy, slicey, or pokey.

Note To Self- Keep shoulders up and back and sit up straight all day.

Be Positive

16 November 2009

When I get sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead.

My favorite quote from my favorite TV show, How I Met Your Mother. I heard this and really took it to heart. Negative thoughts cloud our minds and make us doubt ourselves when we really shouldn’t. It sounds cheesy but I believe it’s absolutely true. Instead of being negative, think about all the things you’ve done exceptionally well lately. Take the time to be impressed with yourself. You don’t need to go around and brag about how awesome you are because people probably won’t be THAT interested, but you can certainly think it and believe it. A true change in mental health like that is something that friends, family, and coworkers will notice, and you will feel ten times better about yourself to boot.

So, how do you make this change? At first it’s hard, because it doesn’t sound like it would work, but I honestly decide when I wake up every morning that my day is going to be awesome. After a while, it becomes easier and easier. Now it’s almost like flipping a light switch. Being positive is a mindset, and it’s one that you get to choose. If you let environmental factors like your breakfast getting burned or being late for school affect your mindset, then your mood might be as consistant as a rollercoaster. Up and down, left and right, maybe a hairpin turn or a loop here and there. If you can start your day off as positively as you can, with a good thought, or an optimistic feeling, then you will have that initial good mood to get you through the not-so-great things that might happen during the day.

If you find that you’re just bummed out and can’t get out of your slump, I have something for you to try. Do it when you’re alone though because you’re going to feel like an idiot, but I guarantee this will help. Stand up as straight as you possibly can, and reach your arms straight out to the side like you’re being pulled in half. Then tilt you head back and look straight up and the ceiling and put on the biggest, goofiest smile you can. You’re going to feel silly, but hold that pose for thirty seconds or so. While you’re doing this, think about something positive, or funny. It it doesn’t put you in a good mood by itself, it will at least get your mental state to a point that you can start to feel better about life in general and get you started on flipping that mental switch.

Your decisions are your own to make, and being positive or not is a big one.