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Make Your Goals As Specific As Possible

28 January 2010

Hey everyone.. If anyone is there..

I’ve been distracted lately (Got a girlfriend) and haven’t been able to find time to write much. However, all of that has changed now and I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to keep writing on a regular basis (No longer have a girlfriend). I’m going to do things different than I usually do (I say that every day) and instead of writing to get a post up, I’m going to write because I have something to say.
Today I had a meeting with a graphic designer (@KRBDesign, follow on twitter because she‘s amazing) about her goals. She kind of had a vague idea of what she wanted to accomplish with her business, but it was still a fuzzy idea and seemed unreachable. Because of this, she procrastinated and was having trouble staying motivated. We’ve all been there I’m sure. I offered to help out because she wanted help and would buy me coffee.

First we started with her primary goal. Basically, she wanted to make enough money for her husband to quit his job but still have enough income to travel a few times a year. Goals like this are a great start, but they leave too many ‘unknowns’ to be motivating. If you’re in a similar boat with any of your goals, pay attention. We solidified her goal in her mind by working out the costs of her trips as well as yearly expenses. It came out to a reasonable number, but still seemed out of reach. We worked out those expenses to a weekly rate and then to a daily amount. It came out to an amount extremely lower than she thought. Figuring out what exactly your goal is can make a field of butterflies out of a monster from your imagination. All of a sudden she became excited and animated, and I could see and feel she was motivated by the realization her goal was so realistic. Her goal that she thought would take five years to achieve could be done this year if she works at it.

We went over strategies for getting new clients, ways to manage her current ones, schedules for her work hours, and techniques for staying motivated. She left the meeting feeling loads better about her goal, her company, and herself, and it only took us an hour. Most importantly, we scheduled a follow-up meeting for next week to go over her progress and fix any work methods we came up with that aren’t working for her. Too many people give their goals one shot, and if they struggle at all they lose some or all motivation. If you begin to feel unmotivated, find someone smart and talk things out with them and try to fix anything that’s not working.

If you feel you’re procrastinating or not motivated enough, it may be time to sit down and really dial in what it is you want. Goals that are fuzzy or nonspecific are not helpful at all. You don’t want to accomplish something nonspecific, so don’t let your goal be. If you’ve got a few minutes, think about your goal and write it down. Things that sit in your head don’t sit there long.