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Drop and Give me Twenty

11 August 2010

Well my horde of loyal fans, I’m currently sitting in my BeachBody booth at the Clark County Fair, trying to help our countrymen stop sucking at life. Thirty percent of us ( 2/3 adults, 1/5 kids) are obese (thats 25% fat for men, 30% fat for women) and increasing. I want to help people get healthy and most of the people walking by won’t even make eye contact unless they are already in relatively good shape. If they are in shape, they come and talk to me because guess what- the are already using the products I’m showing off. It seems like all the people who need to get in shape are too lazy to even talk to me about fitness.. which I guess is why they are out of shape in the first place.

If you want to continue to read the blog, I require you to do twenty pushups right now. I’m totally serious, i’m going to hijack your webcam and make sure- if you don’t, I’ll ban you FOR LIFE (I can’t do this yet but seriously, do it). If you do, post in the bottom comments and I’ll give you kudos in my next post and on my facebook page (it’s new, check it out! ). I did sixteen wide-set pullups the other day in a booth here at the fair and I’m calling people out to do pushups with me. I’m turning into a fitness freak! I got called hot yesterday for the first time (that I know of) and it felt good. I THOROUGHLY encourage everyone to go out and get a fitness program- I’m doing P90X right now- and get in the best shape of your life

Being healthy, in addition to letting you live to see grandkids, makes you feel GOOD all day even if you don’t do anything else special. I’m looking around at all the people out of shape and overweight, and I feel pretty damn good about how I’ve changed my life and am pursuing a more fit and healthy lifestyle. I’ll have to post about this stuff on here now and then so I dont kill my roommate with pushup competition.

SO back to what I’m doing here. I’ve recently become a distributor for BeachBody(its like a Mary Kay program) so MY job is to help people when they have questions about fitness or nutrition or are having problems with motivation, etc. If you’re already doing a program and need help or you aren’t but you would like to, visit and sign up as a free player (it really IS free, not some sales ploy) and it will put you under me, and I’ll help you with anything you need!

Be all you can be and make sure you do those pushups.

Be Incredible

7 August 2010

Go ahead and make the conscious decision to be incredible. It takes two steps to be incredible, and they are easy. The first step is the hardest- making your conscious decision known. I announced mine on Facebook the other day. “I have decided to be incredible.” Deciding to change yourself in a drastic way(mine’s not so drastic, I was already up to awesome) is something I used to do in my head. I’d think to myself, “yeah, today will be good”. And it usually was. However, I’ve found that when I says something out loud or tell someone else just how awesome I’m going to be today, it tends to get me more fired up than if I kept it to myself. I’m not sure why, exactly, but somehow letting others know what you intend to accomplish during the day makes you more likely to follow through. It can be something as simple as doing the dishes or cleaning your room, or something as complex as stopping an addiction(I gave up candy) or making a big change in your life. Go out and tell someone you have decided to be incredible, and mean it. Even posting it on Facebook will make you that much more likely to fulfill your goal or make that change.

The second step is easy- Listen to yourself. Believe that you are incredible and you will act accordingly. Just have it be something you think about a few times a day or when you weigh a decision. Take actions that you think get you closer to being incredible and avoid those that you feel bring you away from your goals. Project your incredible-ness to those around you through posture, speech, and behavior and they will quickly come to look up to you as someone they want to be. They won’t know why, but they will know so and so is successful

Not sure how to act incredible? Find someone who already is, study them and find out what exactly is appealing to other people and then make it your own. Don’t copy them though- adjust their behaviors to yourself to be sure you are unique. Trying to copy someone else’s success comes off badly, I’ve noticed.. Anyhoo, I’ve talked enough. Be all you can be (incredible) and don’t run with anything pointy, slicey, or pokey.

Note To Self- Keep shoulders up and back and sit up straight all day.

Become Absolutely Positive

15 April 2010

“Absolute” is a term used to describe something that will never change, or Vodka. Being Absolutely Positive doesn’t mean you look at things on the bright side, or that your cup is half full, or that when it rains you can still play in the puddles. It means regardless of what happens to you on a day to day basis, you feel as though you can still accomplish anything. If you have to rationalize in your head “well that sucks, but at least I’m not dead” (or something similar) then you don’t qualify in my opinion. I don’t profess to be Absolutely Positive but I think I’m getting close. To me, Absolutely Positive means that regardless of what happens to you (dog gets hit by a car, stub your toe, fail a test), negativity doesn’t even cross your mind. You can walk around all day feeling good and at any time be able to say “man, I love my life” with sincerity. I’m not saying you have to be heartless about your dog being hit, but it’s unproductive and unnecessary to “why me” yourself to a depression. Obviously, this is the Extreme, and if anybody actually accomplished this they’d likely be annoying to be around. However, trying to get there won’t hurt. Nobody is more productive than someone who is feeling positive and good about themselves and their life.

Here is a secret– once you start enjoying life for itself, and not what it can give you, things happen. It sounds cheesy when people say “I became positive and landed the career I love, the woman of my dreams, and am continually happy” but I’m starting to figure out that ridiculous fairy tale is totally true. I started by trying to be positive about the little things, like high fiving people for small things like when I take out the trash, or doing a little dance after I complete a project. Sure, it felt dorky at the time, but now I’m constantly dancing around the gym or on my way to the dumpster or skipping in circles on the way to my car.

When someone says just being positive landed them their job, there is a little more to the process than that. Future employers and colleagues might have watched your growth over the last few months from someone who was just like everyone else, to the person everyone wants to be. “Man, I wish I was that happy.” I hear that a lot, from my boss, from my peers, from the girl who makes my sandwich at Subway. Although you may not feel like you’re being productive with your attitude, you build rapport with everyone you interact with subconsciously.

Unfortunately I’m still working on the “girl-of-my-dreams” thing, but even that is going remarkably well. Turns out the girl I’ve liked for the last year and a half or so has had a crush on me too. Who knew. I asked her what started her crush, and she said it was “the vibe” I give off. After talking about it a little more it turns out just being positive and truly enjoying my life without expecting life to go out of its way to hand me something is attractive. You learn something new every day.

Well class is almost out so I gotta wrap this up… BE ALL YOU CAN BE. Every day. No exceptions. And don’t run with the scissors. No good can come of it.


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