You’re Bored? Do these.

9 August 2010

1. Clean your room – your parents say it, you hate it. But truthfully, if you are bored, take ten minutes and clean as fast as you can. The faster you go, the better you feel when you’re done. If that doesn’t do it for you, sit back and look at your progress, and try to compare your room to other people your age. My room is spotless, not because my parent tell me to, but because I can look at it and think “that’s right, I’m better than my friends because my room doesn’t suck.” I’m not neat at all, but just being productive with quick results can be satisfying. Even better, if you clean your room without having someone demand it of you, you realize that you’re the one in charge of how your room looks. Even if you don’t want to be honest with yourself, you probably feel good when your room is clean. Don’t screw yourself over just because you don’t think your parents should control how your room looks. Take the metaphorical wheel, clean it before they get a chance to tell you.

2. Do your laundry – Yeah, its lame. If you happen to be one of the few people who do like to do laundry, kudos to you. For the rest of us, we just hope it does itself. However, when you’re feeling bored, pop a load of laundry into the washer. It’s quick to start and once it begins you can say you’re being productive even if you just watch TV the whole time. Hell, I’m doing laundry right now. Not because I’m out of clothes or someone told me to, just because I know that if I do it myself when I have some spare time, then no one will yell at me to do it next week when I have better things to do.

3. Do Homework- If you’re in high school, do your homework ASAP. It doesn’t go away. It’s easy for me to say and really hard for you to do, but suck it up and get it over with.

4. Go make a friend- sounds cheesy but have fun with it. Go to the grocery store and high five some guy in the candy isle. I go to subway all the time and now I’m friends with the girl who makes my sandwich every day. I’m not an outgoing person by any means, but even if you’re shy a ten second adrenaline burst is all it takes to meet someone new. Introduce yourself to your elevator companions. Figure out what gets you in ‘the zone’ and use it like a tool. I got all red bull’d up on caffeine to ask a girl for her number because I know that when I’m hyper I can act without over thinking things in my head and getting nervous.

5. Write a book- Seriously, give it a shot. I’m doing it and it’s eating up the time wonderfully.

6. Challenge yourself to a game- Make up a quick game, with silly rules. Don’t do it at home, do it in public.
Guys- find a girl, convince her you need her number to stop the ‘aliens from attacking’. Don’t do It in a stupid way. “I need your number or aliens will attack!!” makes you a weird dude. Sit down across from them, and with a straight face explain to them that aliens are about to land to take you away and you need the phone number of someone close by in case you need to call for immediate help. She will know you are kidding (hopefully) and laugh. If you get her number, you win. If you don’t, then you’ve met a girl without a sense of humor and aren’t missing out on anything. You don’t lose either way.
Girls- Find a guy, make eye contact and stare as long as you can. Hopefully this will not only weird the guy out, it will make any friends he has with him uncomfortable as well. This means you win. If he stares back at you and laughs after a bit, you win. If he stares back with a straight face for more than about a minute, you should probably leave the area.

Dress the Part

8 August 2010

Looking like trash will get you nowhere. Dress the part of the role you want to play in life. You can stick to fashion trends if you would like, or you can do something completely unique. Whichever you choose, make sure it isn’t something so terrible strangers stop and stare, and be consistent. If you want to wear crazy colors, do it all the time. If you want to wear dress shirts and pants, do it all the time. If you do both, for example, people won’t get used to either style and you’ll just be some weirdo with two personalities. My brother dresses the colors up- converse that are colorful, bright pink hat, pretty sure he has orange jeans, and then shirts with neon pictures on them. It works, and makes him different from the unwashed masses and thus well-liked. I wear the dress shirts, and am also currently rocking plaid pants as well (that probably sounds gross but it works I promise). It’s how I dress and people have come to recognize it. More people ask about my wardrobe when I wear a t-shirt and jeans than anything else, and it feels good to have a style that is “mine.” I didn’t copy it from anyone, I made it my own.

Act the part. If you how you dress and how you act clash, you’re not going to make sense to anyone and they will probably be at least weirded out, if not worse(whatever that may be). My brother’s style of dress matches his personality perfectly- indescribable and unable to replicate. It’s just as unique as his personality, thus they go perfectly together. I’d like to think my behavior matches my appearance but I’m biased so I probably don’t know.. Anyway- Pick what you think represents yourself, not just what is trendy. Trends come and go but your personality is likely to stay the same for a long while. If you dress nice but act like a slob or have a terrible personality you contradict yourself(although honestly if you are like that you’re screwed anyway). Also I think I’ve mentioned this once, but DONT COPY OTHER PEOPLE. Dress however you want but be origional.

Note To Self- Buy more plaid.

The Facts of Life

8 August 2010

-Pulling an emergency brake on a freeway is the best way to induce that emergency.

-If you put paperclips in an outlet you will experience a shocking result.

-Seperate whites from reds when doing laundry.

-Avoid peeing into the wind.

-Just because it looks edible, doesn’t mean it is.

-Your friend says “I got it”.. don’t assume he won’t drop it on your foot.

-3.14 x apple = ~ 2100 calories

- ~ means “about”

-Grandma got me clothes this year for Christmas

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