Finally, I’ve Discovered the Secret to Motivation!

18 June 2012

I have changed a lot in the last few months. I had a year vacation that I’ve only just returned from. A year of sex, drugs, and rock’n'roll- debauchery unending. The year was amazing, I had a total blast and learned a lot about myself as a person. But learning who you are is not quite the same as growing into someone new. Just knowing who you are isn’t enough to make you a better person- you have to DO something with that knowledge. After a year of introspection without action, I returned home and resumed my personal development. Within weeks I’d changed so much about myself I don’t even want to write it down because no one would believe me. I hope in this and future posts I can capture some of the metamorphosis I’ve undergone.

Let’s kick this off with my most evasive opponent, my oldest foe, the patriarch of all productivity- Motivation. For years I thought motivation was the thing I lacked and the reason I never accomplished anything. Instead of taking RESPONSIBILITY for my procrastination I took the VICTIM stance and blamed my ineffectiveness on my utter lack of motivation. “Well I’m not motivated, so I don’t do what I’m supposed to.” See that? That’s a victim statement, which I’ll talk about later. Just keep it in mind.

So by blaming motivation for many of my failures, both personal and professional, I attributed a cause that I thought I could ‘fix’. If I could just figure out what motivated me I could accomplish so much! If I could find that one thing to drive me throughout life I’d be unstoppable! I cannot tell you how many things I tried, how many books I read and how many excuses I made on my journey to become a motivated individual. I decided money didn’t motivate me, because offers of money didn’t make me work harder. I decided objects don’t motivate me, because I’m not really a materialistic person. (Which I am, but ‘stuff’ doesn’t sound like its worth working for.) My journey went on, I’ll spare you the details.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I’d discovered and perfected a new form of procrastination! I call it, “Discovering the Cure for Procrastination.” I now know that instead of working like I was supposed to I was looking for an external reason for my laziness. An unrealistic and imaginary ‘cure’ for an ‘affliction’ I had diagnosed myself with. Then, only just a few weeks ago I was reading a personal development book. It wasn’t geared towards motivation, it wasn’t supposed to help specifically with procrastination, it was just something on my Mom’s bookshelf called “Failing Forward” by Danielle Laporte. Within this book held the answer I’d searched for during the last five years. YEARS I have been blaming my lack of motivation for failures.

Within the pages of this unassuming book was the holy grail of advice: “Motivation comes AFTER you begin.”

Just that. Sounds simple. Danielle writes that motivation is a trap we set for ourselves- you spend all your time looking or waiting for motivation as an excuse to not have to do the things you don’t want to do. The way to become motivated.. is to start a task BEFORE you’re motivated. After you meet some success or realize it just isn’t as hard as you made it out to be in your head, the motivation to complete the project will set in. I don’t know if this hits home with anyone else or not but I felt like I was hit in the pit of my stomach with a hammer as I realized my procrastination is my fault. Of course I always told others that I only had myself to blame for procrastinating but deep, deep down I knew it was not my fault. It was ‘Motivation’s fault, I’m just the victim here.

If you struggle with procrastination or lack of motivation as I did, I encourage you to really take this post to heart. Don’t let yourself play victim to your struggles and remember in order to be motivated you only have to start! ‘Motivation comes AFTER you begin!’

Drop and Give me Twenty

11 August 2010

Well my horde of loyal fans, I’m currently sitting in my BeachBody booth at the Clark County Fair, trying to help our countrymen stop sucking at life. Thirty percent of us ( 2/3 adults, 1/5 kids) are obese (thats 25% fat for men, 30% fat for women) and increasing. I want to help people get healthy and most of the people walking by won’t even make eye contact unless they are already in relatively good shape. If they are in shape, they come and talk to me because guess what- the are already using the products I’m showing off. It seems like all the people who need to get in shape are too lazy to even talk to me about fitness.. which I guess is why they are out of shape in the first place.

If you want to continue to read the blog, I require you to do twenty pushups right now. I’m totally serious, i’m going to hijack your webcam and make sure- if you don’t, I’ll ban you FOR LIFE (I can’t do this yet but seriously, do it). If you do, post in the bottom comments and I’ll give you kudos in my next post and on my facebook page (it’s new, check it out! ). I did sixteen wide-set pullups the other day in a booth here at the fair and I’m calling people out to do pushups with me. I’m turning into a fitness freak! I got called hot yesterday for the first time (that I know of) and it felt good. I THOROUGHLY encourage everyone to go out and get a fitness program- I’m doing P90X right now- and get in the best shape of your life

Being healthy, in addition to letting you live to see grandkids, makes you feel GOOD all day even if you don’t do anything else special. I’m looking around at all the people out of shape and overweight, and I feel pretty damn good about how I’ve changed my life and am pursuing a more fit and healthy lifestyle. I’ll have to post about this stuff on here now and then so I dont kill my roommate with pushup competition.

SO back to what I’m doing here. I’ve recently become a distributor for BeachBody(its like a Mary Kay program) so MY job is to help people when they have questions about fitness or nutrition or are having problems with motivation, etc. If you’re already doing a program and need help or you aren’t but you would like to, visit and sign up as a free player (it really IS free, not some sales ploy) and it will put you under me, and I’ll help you with anything you need!

Be all you can be and make sure you do those pushups.

Old Post- What Kind of Business Should I Start?

10 August 2010

This really is a note to self, but I think it will be interesting to write out a thought process for others to read, and it will save it so I can check it out later. I’m kind of excited.

SO- I want to find out how I can use the stuff I’m good at to start my own business, or develop a secondary income.

HOW? Ok, first I need to figure out what I’m good at, as many things that I can think of. Not just what I’m good at though, but what I enjoy doing. Even if I’m not good at something I know that if I like to do it I’ll become good at it soon enough. It’s important to be a hundred percent honest with yourself when you do this, most people may be uncomfortable with letting others see into their head like this, but I’m trying to expand my comfort zone.

THINGS I’M GOOD AT- I really like brainstorming and I think I’m pretty dang good at it. I’m really interested in Social Networking and Media- like facebook, twitter, etc.- and the potential for their use as a marketing and research tool. I love to think, and I think I’m good at that too. It fits right in with brainstorming but they’re slightly different so I get to write them both. I really think I would be good at managing others, and I love big projects.

HOW DO I USE WHAT I’M GOOD AT TO GET WHAT I WANT- Well, first you should decide what exactly it is that you want. I’ll be using my example- Develop a secondary income or own business.
So, my next step is to try and figure out how to use as many of my strengths at a time that I can in order to accomplish my goal. Looking at the things I think I’m good at, brainstorming, social networking, and things that I enjoy, like projects and thinking. Three of ideas for myself right off the top of my head would be a project manager, website admin and blog writer. Each of these jobs I could do from the comfort of my own home if I worked it right, and I could utilize all of my strengths while doing something that I enjoyed.

The next step is to figure out which of these three things is most obtainable. I think a project manager could be a possibility only if I got a degree and work experience (I’m shooting for sooner than that) or if I made my own company. I’m currently trying to become a decent blog writer right now, so we’ll check that one off as “feasible”. I like the way my site is looking and my general subject matter, I just need to muster the creative energies to write more extensively. I have no idea how you become a website administrator or how much they get paid, but it’s a job I could do from any location I think and it sounds pretty interesting.

Just like that, I’ve found a few ideas for ways to make money that fit right in with my strengths. Obviously it will be a little more difficult for you, because I had these thought out ahead of time and you may just be starting. Try to think using these steps though, and let me know how they work out. If you think a step is unnecessary or you have one to add, email me!

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