The Facts of Life

8 August 2010

-Pulling an emergency brake on a freeway is the best way to induce that emergency.

-If you put paperclips in an outlet you will experience a shocking result.

-Seperate whites from reds when doing laundry.

-Avoid peeing into the wind.

-Just because it looks edible, doesn’t mean it is.

-Your friend says “I got it”.. don’t assume he won’t drop it on your foot.

-3.14 x apple = ~ 2100 calories

- ~ means “about”

-Grandma got me clothes this year for Christmas

How to Make Money on the Internet

7 August 2010

As a teenager, the one thing I have typed into Google more than anything else is “How to Make Money on the Internet,” and I have always been disappointed by the results I find. They are repetitive, boring, or require too much work. However, there is no denying that these methods work.

1. I hear blogs are where the money is at. I’ve only just started mine, so I don’t have any idea if that is true or not but I will be sure to post how it turns out. I always hated how blogs say that blogging pays out, but I have never seen any statistics or proof to back this up. I’m excited to see just how well it turns out and I promise you guys once I have a few week’s stats I’ll post them up so everyone can finally figure out just how worth it blogging really is. To make your own blog, think up something you love to talk about, write about, or think about. If you can’t think of anything, write a blog about how to make money on the internet. All kinds of people are guaranteed to stumble across you.

2. I thought this up a while ago but haven’t had the guts to try it. If anyone out there decides to do this please tell me so I can read it and see how it turns out: I thought it would be great for someone who likes to write to write a book online. Kind of like a blog, where you post every now and then and people can subscribe and whatnot, but in the form of a story. You can write a few pages a week, and if you write well, you may find you have people who come back every few days to see if there is any new content. By making something with a running plot you give readers something to come back to. Maybe you could set up a comment spot, where people can give suggestions or feedback (constructive, only) that can help you get through writers block, etc.

3. Another custom-tailored Tyler idea- Set up a forum where you introduce topics that are controversial, e.g. abortion, cloning, etc. and encourage people to argue each side. You’ll hook some fanatics who have to always be right and score dozens of hits without doing any work! Again, I’ve never tried such a thing because it occurred to me as I’m writing this, but it sure sounds interesting to try.. Don’t tell people where you got that idea from because it’s kind of manipulative and not my style.

4. Make viral videos. Think up something that people would want to watch and tell their friends and turn it into a youtube video! I’ve never been a guy for that, but viral videos can wind up making people a lot of money, all you have to do is have a friend or two over one day and bounce ideas off eachother until you think up something so ridiculous that you think it would be a good idea to tape it.

5. Get a blog site going, and pay someone else to blog for you. You can buy decent blogs for twenty-fifty bucks or so, and put them up on your own site. You’ll have to work on SEO to get enough visitors to turn a profit, but if you can pick topics that are currently of interest you could score a ton of hits and make up your investment over a short time and profit in the long run. I found a great way to find out what is currently popular- if you type in “trends” in Google you will come up with a list of the top one hundred things people have been googleling recently. Write a blog on the top two or three subjects and watch your hits go up!

Keep Busy

11 January 2010

Hobbies and extracurricular activities keep our minds focused, and are very important for those of us who plan to be extraordinarily successful in our lives. My favorite hobbies include developing this website, learning about social media, and teasing my girlfriend. I’ve got three books about social media I’m currently reading, and am recently discussing working with a new social media company who works to support non profit organizations.

It almost doesn’t matter what your hobby is, just having that one thing to do when you’re bored or stressed out helps tremendously. Nothing is worse than spending all weekend on the couch watching tv and realizing you just wasted forty eight hours that could have brought you closer to one of your goals. I’ve experienced that feeling a lot, and I’m sick of it- hence developing my hobbies. Once I started looking into the website and Soc. Media, I found that I really, really enjoy them both. So much that I’m trying to think up ways to make them into a career. I like them enough I’m willing to intern for a Social Media company just to learn more about them.

Finding one or two things you really, really enjoy can help harmonize and focus you in surprising ways. If you don’t already have a hobby that you look forward to while you’re at work all day, I recommend you try to find one. Even if it’s just something small, being productive for that hour every night will let you sleep soundly knowing you accomplished something that you actually care about.

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