Hey, my name is Tyler. I started this blog because I think too much, and it’s hard to keep everything all in my head. I focus a ton on how to improve my life and how to be happier, more mature, and enjoy myself. I decided that a lot of teenagers may feel the same way, but don’t have the amount of spare time that I have for reflection (daydreaming) so I thought I could write it all down and share it. If you’re a teenager, or maybe even an adult, feel free to peruse the blog and see if you read anything that helps you make a tough decision, reach that *aha* moment, or just a cheap laugh.

The main reason I wanted to make this site is to help out kids like me who may be in a rough spot in their life, and who need someone their age to help them make a decision or talk through an issue. I’m not quite sure how helpful I will be, but if you’re someone who needs an opinion from an unbiased person, feel free to email me at lefebvret@hotmail.com. It’ll be anonymous, and I will post my response to your email as a blog so you can go back and read it, so that if someone else has the same problem they can benefit too.

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  1. Regarding your comment “…to get up in that 99th percentile I came to the conclusion that I have to put in more work than 99% of everyone I know” The interesting thing about this is that usually you only have to put in 110% effort, because everyone else is putting in 95-105%. 8 hour work day? Get to work 16 minutes early, take a 44 minute lunch, stay 16 minutes later. If math is still my friend that is 110% of a normal workday.

  2. You know what is interesting? That is exactly what I did today. I started working at 9:07 instead of 9:30 because our computers crashed, I came back from lunch early because we were busy, and stayed late to help a patient pick out glasses. I guess I’m not doing too bad at following my own advice. Good post.

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