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Becoming an Expert

Well my loyal readers, (all three of you)

I’ve decided my life’s ambition is to become an expert both in self-actualization(that’s what I blog about) and social networking. Luckily for me they both play into each other. I’ve wanted to reach ‘expert’ status in self improvement for a while, in order to become a better person and to help other people feel better about themselves and to improve their lives. Writing a blog about ways to better yourself has helped me grow and hopefully has and will continue to help others as well. It’s a satisfying hobby that will make me a better person and I have decided that I love the subject I’ve been writing about and want to learn more about it. Becoming considered an expert on how to improve yourself would be one of the most satisfying things for an eighteen year old I can think of.

Social networking is another subject I’ve become very interested in recently, and I’ve found that very few people know how to use it to its full potential, and only a handful of these people are part of my generation. To be knowledgeable about how social networking has made its impact on society and how to make the best use of these sites in regards to business is going to be a huge benefit. Not only would knowing how to use sites like facebook and twitter as marketing tools benefit my own blog, but I think I could actually make an income by managing other companies’ networking sites.

Since I’ve discovered these things that would benefit me if I were to excel at them I have to dedicate myself to learn more about them. No matter what the field, becoming an expert at something requires a lot of work but is sure to boost self confidence and is rare enough that you should be able to find a job in that field relatively easy, especially if you can find enough demand to employ yourself. To improve my knowledge base and experience of both these topics, I’ve decided that I will read at least two relatively large articles a day on each of these subjects, and write one myself every week. They say the best way to learn about something is to teach it, so if I write about what I’ve learned every week it will solidify the information because it will force me to reword what I’ve read in order to write about it.

In addition to acquiring new knowledge about my selected fields, I’m planning on using what I learn on my blog, twitter, and facebook to test out methods of writing and networking so that by the time I offer to manage someone’s social media I have a solid grasp of what I’m working on and what methods work, so I’m not playing trial-and-error with someone’s property.

As part of my research, if you are someone who has a wealth of knowledge on either of these topics, please contact me! I’m always eager to learn or share what I know. Email me at lefebvret@hotmail.com

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  1. This is off topic, but It’s one of my recent achievements that I’m proud of.

    I counted all of my computer games and about how much each one cost me when I bought it, and not including X-box games or the time wasted on games I don’t even remember playing it came out to approximately 600 dollars. Now I’m uninstalling all the games from my computer and finding a way to sell them.

    I’m also going to block all flash game sites and look away when I type in the password.

    All of this should automatically result in a better lifestyle.

  2. The Lost Arts Of War…

    …an interestin post over at . . ….

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