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Now Is The Best Time Of Your Life. not.

21 January 2010

Don’t act your age.

I find it sort of irritating when someone tells me to act my age. It happens rarely, and sarcastically, but I hear people tell other people too. I don’t want to act eighteen. I want to act like I’m twenty-four and successful, not like I am just out of High School. All my friends who are eighteen act like they’ve finally met the world for the first time and are scared to face it, so they drink and do drugs to try to have fun before the rest of their life begins. Thinking like that is sad.. If high school was ‘the best days of my life’ like so many adults have told me, why should I bother with the rest of it? I think that’s how my peers think.. Personally, I think the rest of my life is going to be a hundred times better than high school years. If the first eighteen years of my life are the best ones I’ll be kind of pissed.

Life is what you make of it boys and girls, and if you accept defeat right out of the gates you’ll just be looked down on by people like me for the rest of your life.. It’s hard to respect someone who gives up before they’ve begun. I don’t think I’m better than my peers, but if they don’t step it up I’m going to be. You want to be successful in your adult life? Start by being successful as a teenager. The transition is much easier that way. Your high school years don’t have to be the best of your life. Far from it, in fact. If you had the best four years you think you’ll ever have, good for you! You already know how to enjoy yourself. Maybe you should try to do even better over the next sixty years.
So, if you’re a teenager, you can act like it if you want and put off ‘growing up’ for a few years and acting immature, or you can the better of your classmates and try to get your life started while they’re wasting their time (which a lot of us do for the first few years out of high school). I know it might suck since all of your friends are out having fun, and you can too- just expect them to be jealous of your obvious potential because of your hard work early on.

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